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Portable Performance Analyser

Ambient Control use the portable ClimaCheck Performance Analyser for inspection and troubleshooting. Our addition of a WIFI router allows us to remotely monitor your equipment. Ambient Control are able to carry out assessments on between one and six circuits a day with results and findings provided immediately.

Fixed Performance Analyser

At Ambient Control we are able to install your ClimaCheck for permanent supervision of your facility. With a permanent Performance Analyser Pro we can provide continuous data from your equipment, giving you a complete history of it's performance over time. We are able to connect multiple systems to the ClimaCheck system.

We have the facility to set up an automated service via email or SMS to send a notification if there are any issues.

ClimaCheck OnLine

Ambient Control are able to connect your Fixed Rerformance Analyser to ClimaCheck's server, enabling you to remotely monitor your facility's equipment. All you need is internet access from any PC, laptop or hand-held device.

Pressure Sensors / Temperature Sensors

Ambient Control only use ClimaCheck pressure transducers and sensors as they are widely considered to be the industry leaders. The ClimaCheck temperature sensors have a range of -50°C to 150°C.

Power measurement

Our current clamps (for mobile applications) and current transformers (for fixed installation) all have high accuracy and low phase shift, and come in a multitude of measurement ranges. For portable voltage measurement we have convenient magnetic probes that can be attached to the connection screws.

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ClimaCheck Portable Performance Analyser

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