Do you know how much it costs to run your air conditioning equipment?

ACL and ClimaCheck know that the costs are high but can be lowered considerably. By inspecting your equipment with our Portable ClimaCheck Performance Analyser you will get lower running costs, improved dependability and less need for repairs. Every improvement will be fully documented.

You can also take it one step further and install a Fixed ClimaCheck Performance Analyser to your system. It gives you the option of receiving alerts by sms or e-mail if problems arise. Service can be initiated before any disturbances in the operation occur. You will also receive detailed information on how the performance of your equipment varies with time.

Our range of templates and refrigerants enables Ambient Control to assess a multitude of systems including chillers, datarooms, process equipment and cold stores.

An EU directive calls for performance inspections of all air conditioning equipment with an effect of 12 kW or more and this directive is becoming law in many European countries. ClimaCheck is the most cost effective way to make this inspection.

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