Refrigeration Plant Assessment

Recently Ambient Control Ltd undertook a portable ClimaCheck assessment of some refrigeration systems. They were open drive Brook Crompton semi hermetic reciprocating compressors around 25 years old, each with a remote DX air cooled condenser and two internal DX evaporators each with thermostatic type expansion valves.

ClimaCheck were able to produce a dedicated workbook and datasheet for this system as it incorporated a suction heat exchanger.

These systems had recently been retrofitted from R22 to R422D.

The results of our findings were quite shocking, the systems were operating with a COP of only 2.6, this on a day when the ambient was only 8 degrees C. We calculated that by undertaking minimal alterations and improving the current service and maintenane regime that running cost savings of around £27,000.00 per year could be achieved.

This would not only save money and reduce any impact on the environment, it would also assist with prolonging the life expectancy of the equipment.

Some of the alterations recommended included :-

Deep cleaning the evaporators and condenser coils

Reducing the current condensing midpoint by 5 degrees

Reducing the currently high superheat settings to increase efficiency and reduce evaporation

Recommissioning the systems to operate with the R422D

Changing the oil on the compressors.

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